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After robbing the Lord Kent blind and leaving him unconscious upon learning of his obsession with the ancient weapon of Danu de Tuatha, Sparrow begins her journey to find her final resting place before he does. Though his desire is clear, his motivations remain less so. The dark secrecy with which he has been readying his advance does nothing to assuage the fears that he wishes to own this weapon for more reasons than merely collection. His Orc and Goblin raids on the towns surrounding his keep are more evidence that his desire to own the Moon Staff may be more than merely aesthetic, as his disregard for the safety of his subjects hints at reckless abandon. Though what she doesn’t know about the Lord Kent and his motives could fill a book, there was one thing she did know.
She needed to get the hell out of there.

She arrived on the foul docks, in a large foul ship. The air was thick with industry and human debris, a shock to the senses after the time spent in the vast wildernesses and small towns of the northern reaches of Golarion.
But home was home

Sparrow stepped on to the rotting planks of the dock

“I wasn’t sure I would ever see this place again”

She paused for a brief second. -

“I wasn’t sure I ever wanted to”

Home Page

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